Wedding Celebrant

Life is full of joy and love. It is our relationships and family that bring life alive by the sharing of our experiences.

Your marriage, no matter the size of your ceremony carries the same sacred and special meaning. I will help create that special ceremony experience for you and everyone there. It will be a ceremony that speaks about you, your love and your relationship.

I take care to understand who you are and give to you that creativity, passion and energy that is unique to you.

At our initial meeting, we will go through the legal requirements for marriage and I will supply you with resources that will help you decide on the perfect ceremony for your wedding.

A ceremony expresses your values and beliefs, it should take you on an emotional journey, expressing the joy of your love and a celebration of life of a loved one; a personal affirmation of love and friendship as reflected in your marriage vows. It should be inclusive and genuine.

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